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Appetizer Recipes


Afghan Stuffed Onions
Afghani Kebob
Ahbgushteh Gondi Nochodi (Veal and Chickpees Dumplings)
Algerian Swiss Chard Bestels (Turnovers)
Appetizer Hamamtschen with Meat
Artichoke and Green Bean Salad
Artichoke Hearts
Baked Acron Squash
Baked Aubergines
Baked Fish
Baked Fish with Tomatoes (Spetsiota)
Baked Salmon with Cucumber Dill Sauce
Baked White Fish
Balkan Striped Bass
Barbecue Glazed Salmon
Beef & Matzoh Pie
Beets Salad with Yogurt
Bissara (garbanzo salad)
Bizela Kookia (Peas with Fava Beans)
Boiled Chickpeas
Bourekas de Berengena (Aubergine)
Braised Chicken with Cloves & Cinnamon
Braised Fish
Bread with Olives and Cheese
Broccoli & Noodle Kugel
Brussel sprouts In Spice
Bukhari crispy bread
Bukhari Fish
Bukhari ravioli stuffed with onion
Burehkass (Cheese Pockets)
Burik (a pocket) of potato and tuna
Cabbage Noodles
Carp casserole
Carrot Cake
Cheese Buns
Cheese Filling
Cheeze Dumplings
Cherry Tomato and Anchovy Bruschetta
Chicken and Rice Patties
Chicken Patties
Chicken schnitzel
Chicken Wings in Honey
Chicken with Pearl Onion
Chopped Chicken Liver
Chopped Eggs and Onion
Cold Sour Cherry Soup
Couscous with Beetroots & Fennel
Cranberry Glazed Carrots
Cucumber Salad with Pistachios
Dairy Sweet Potato Dish
Dead Sea Babaganoush
Dough Dumplings
Eggplant with Beef and Tahini
Eggplant, Feta and Tomato Salad
Eggplants with Tomato Sauce
Eggs with Tomato Sauce
Fennel Bread Sticks
Feta and Kalamata Olives Salad
Feta Cheese Pie
Feta Party Appetizers
Fish in Tomato and Rhubarb
Fresh Salmon with Bay Leaves
Fried Fish in Vinegar Sauce
Gefilte Fish in Cabbage Leave
Gefilte Fishballs
Givetch - Beef and Vegetable Stew
Gondi Berenjy - Meat and Rice Balls
Gondi by Dina - meat and rice balls
Gondi Nochodi - Chicken and Garbanzo Balls
Grated Black Radish and Endive Salad
Greek Borrekas
Greek Cheese Pockets
Greek Chicken
Greek Spiced Olives
Green Kebob
Green onion bread
Grilled feta Cheese (Feta Skharas)
Hinckley with beef (Georgian dumpling)
Hinckley with cheese (Georgian dumpling)
Huevos Haminados
Huevos Haminados
Hungarian Meatballs
Indian Potato Balls
Iraqi Beef Patties
Iraqi Fish and Vegetables
Iraqi Kubeh Shefteh
Iraqi Meat Balls
Iraqi Okra and Tomato
Iraqi Stuffed Grape Leaves
Iraqi Sweet and Sour Beef Patties
Israeli Fruit Soup
Israeli Salad
Italian Bruschetta
Italian Piedina
Jerusalem Noodle Kugel
Kahdeh (Cheese pockets)
Kasha Varnishkes with Fried Eggplant and Mushroom
Keftehs de Prassa - Beef and Leek Patties
Kofta Bel Boqsomat
Kofta bel roz (fried riced meatballs)
Kofta el haty (kabab)
Kubeh Chamusta
Kuku Sabzi - Greens omlett
Kurdish Falafel
Kurdish Fried Kubeh
Kurdish Garbanzo bean Salad
Kurdish Kichri (Rice and red Lentils)
Kurdish Pickled Cucumbers
Kurdish Red Kubeh (Chamusta)
Kurdish Rice and Beans
Kurdish Rice Kubeh
Kurdish Stuffed Grape Leaves
Kurdish Stuffed Tomato
Kurdish Stuffed Vegetable Leaves
Lachmajoon (Pita with Beef and Vegetables)
Lamb and Potatoes
Lamb Kebabs with Pomegranate
Lebanese Brown Rice Salad
Lebanese Fata
Lebanese Green Tahini
Lebanese Humus
Lebanese Sambusak (stuffed pocket)
Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini
Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini with Appricots
Lebanese Tabuleh
Leek Balls
Lemon Roast Potatoes (Patates Psites)
Linguine al Salmone
Makluba (Rice Meat and vegetable)
Mantu (Bukhari Lamb Dumplings)
Marinated Fried Fish
Meat Filling
Meat Loaf
Meat with Dried Beans Bakeoff
Meat, Matzah and Spinach Pie
Meatball Avgolemono (Egg & Lemon Sauce)
Mexican Spinach and Cheese Pie
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Moroccan fish
Moroccan Fish Balls
Moroccan Olive Stew
Mossahma Bademjoon - Eggplant meat stew
Mujadderah-filled Roasted Red Peppers
Mussaka-Beef and Eggplant
Noodle & Cheese Kugel
Noodles with Caramelized Onions and Mixed Greens
Orange Chicken
Oven-Fried Smoked Salmon Croquettes
Pasta Salad
Pasteli Matza with Ground Meat
Pasteli with Chicken Liver
Pasteli with Lamb
Pastilla (Chicken and Almond Pie)
Peppers Stuffed with Mushrooms and Rice
Persian Dolmeh Bademjan - Stuffed Eggplants
Persian Pickles
Persian Vegetable Salad
Pickled Smoked Salmon
Pickled Stuffed Eggplant
Pickled vegetables
Pirashki (Bukhari Pumpkin Dumplings)
Poached Prune Kreplach with Honeyed Cream and Pecan
Poached Salmon with Creamy Piccata Sauce
Potato and Onion Latkes for Hannukah
Potato Dumplings
Potato Kugel
Potato Latkes
Potato Salad
Prassa - Leek and Beef Patties
Rice and red lentil
Roast Chicken
Roasted Chicken Livers - Kaliserket Kodet Ksesa
Roasted Pomegranate Chicken
Salmon Gefilte Fish Poached in Fennel
Salmon with Fusilli Pasta
Samboosak (Meat Pies)
Sambusak - Sephardic Stuffed Pastries
Samoosa (Baked Meat Pies)
Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Quiche
Smoked Salmon Puff Pastry
Smoked Salmon Quesadillas
Smoked Salmon Salad
Sorrel- Flavored Mushroom Barley Soup
Soutzoukakia - Meat Balls
Spicy ground beef
Spicy Kebob
Spicy Tofu
Spinach Balls
Spinach Pie
Spinach Pockets (sambusak)
Squash Croquettes
Sriracha Chicken Nuggets
Stir Fry Long Beans
Stuffed Celery in Tomato Sauce
Stuffed Onion
Stuffed Red Bell Peppers
Stuffed Zucchini
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sweet Potato Casserole
Sweet Potato Tsimmes with Pineapple
Sweet Potatoes and Vegetables
Sweet Turkey and Pineapple Kebobs
Sweet-and-Sour Carp
Tofu Vegetable Deep Fry
Tomato & Bread
Tomato-Zucchini Salad with Caper Vinaigred
Tomatoes & Green Pepper Salad."Salada Matbocha":
Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice Raisins and Nuts
Traditional Greek Kebabs
Tuna and Avocado Salad
Tuna Pie
Tuna with Penne Pasta
Turkey Croquettes
Turkey Pot Pie with Cornmeal Crust
Turkish Beans Salad
Turkish Eggplant Pockets
Turkish Tabuleh (Kisir)
Vegan Lentil Burgers
Vegetable Carrot Kugel
Yemenite Falafel
Yemenite Fish in Tomato sauce
Yemenite Jachnun A
Yemenite Jachnun B
Yemenite Latkes
Yemenite Malawach
Yemiser wEt (Spicy Lentil Dish)
Yogurt and Cucumbers Soup
Yorgos Lamb Kebab
Zucchini and onion dish
Zucchini boats
Zucchini Pancakes
Zucchini quiche
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