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Dessert Recipes


Almond Carrot Cake
Almond Challah
Almond Sponge Cake
Amish Apple Cake
Apple and Nut Tart
Apple Cake and Honey Frosting
Apple Cranberry Crisp
Apple Crumble with Golden Raisins
Apple Custard Pie
Apple Drop Scones with Cinnamon Butter
Apple Kugel
Apple Latkes
Apple Nut Cake
Apple Pie
Apple Pie2
Apple Streudel
Apples in Sugar (Apple Jam)
Apricot and Almond Tart
Apricot Filling
Arrope (Sephardic Passover Raisins Syrup)
Banana Cream Pie
Basboosa (Egyptian semolina pastry)
Basic Dough for Cakes Bread and Cookies
Beigli or Kindli Yeast-Dough Cookies
Black Forest Cheesecake
Blueberry Scones
Bobka (Chocolate Cinamon Cake)
Bumelos De Masa (Sephardic Pancakes)
Butter Biscuits (Koulourakia Voutirou)
Candy Balls
Caramel Cake
Carrot Cake
Carrot Candy
Cheese Cake
Cheeze Dumplings
Cherry Pie
Chestnut and Prunes
Chestnut Cake
Chocolate Angel Pie
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Crumb Crust
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Tart
Chocolate Raspberry Pie
Chocolate Whipped Cream
Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake
Cinnabon 1
Coconut Custard Pie
Cold Cherry Soup
Cold Sour Cherry Soup
Cookies with Blackberries
Date Nut Squares
Date-Ginger Cake
Diet Apple Cake
Double Biscuits with Apricot Jam
Doughnut Glazes
East German Poppy Seed Strudel
Easy Delicious Apple Cake
Egg Custard Pie
Egyptian Charoset
Ergolavi - Pesach Greek Biscuits
Feta Cheese Souffle
Feta Watermelon Salad
Figs Stuffed With Walnuts
Four Hundred-Year-Old Challah
Four-Cheese Herb Quiche
Fresh Whipped Cream
Fruit Kabobs
Fruit Salad 1
Fruity Snack Bars
Fudge Roll
Ghouribi - Moroccan Sugar Cookies
Greek Butter Cookies - Kourabiethes
Hammantasch Fillings
Hannuka Doughnuts (Sufganiot)
Haroset (Passover Fruit Mix)
Hazelnut Macaroons
Heavenly Cake
Honey Baked Apples
Honey Brownies
Honey Cake 1
Honey Cake 2
Honey Orange Chocolate Cake
Honey-Bee Cookies
Hot Chocolate Float
Hot Fudge Sauce
Hot Honey Apple Cinnamon Raisin Tart
Hungarian Bobka
Hungarian Chocolate-Walnut Torte
Hungarian Coffee Cake
Hungarian Cookies
Icecream sandwitch by Dinah
Iraqui Dates Cookies
Irish Cream Cheesecake
Israeli Fruit Soup
Jerusalem Cheesecake
Kalitsou (Cinnamon Pastries)
Kolitch - Very Large Challah Twist
Kourabithes Cookies
Kurdish Date Cookies
Lemon Sponge Cake
Lemon Sponge Pie
Maamoul - Nut Filled Cookies
Marble Cake
Masa Tigaitas (Sephardic Passover French Toast)
Matzah Almons Torte
Menorah Upside-Down Cake
Mocha Rolls Cake
Moroccan Cigares
Neyyappam - Fried Sweet Cakes
Nut Filling
Nut Horns - Half-Moon Butter Cookies
Olive Oil Schmaltz
Orange cake
Orange Sponge Cake with Citrus Glaze
Orange-Nut Cake with Orange Sauce
Passover Apple Squares
Paximadia (Biscotti type Cookie)
Pecan and Date Pie
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie with Bourbon
Pineapple Cream Pie
Pineapple Kugel
Pistachio Macaroons
Pistachio Nut Caramel
Poppy Seed Cheesecake
Poppy Seed Filling
Potato Challah
Pumkin Strudel
Purim Puffs
Quick and Delish Cheesecake
Quick Cheese Cake
Quince in Syrup
Raisin Cake - Stafithopitta
Raisin Rolled Shtrudel
Rich Nut Cake
Ricotta Cheesecake
Rizogalo (Rice Pudding)
Rodanchos - Pumpkin Strudel
Rosh Hashanah Challah
Rugelach - Cream Cheese Cookies
Sambusak - Sephardic Stuffed Pastries
Sesame Rings
Seven-Fruit Haroset From Surinam
Shortbread Biscuits (Kourambiedes)
Spanish-Style Mandelbrot, Orange-Scented
Sponge Cake
Spring Compote
Sufganiot - Hanukkah Jelly Doughnuts
Sufganiot 2
Sufganiot 3
Sweet Chocolate Pie
Sweet Fried Apples
Sweet Potato Tsimmes with Pineapple
Tahani Cake
Tezpishti - Passover Nut Cake
Toasted Almond-Coconut Macaroons
Tu Bishvat Dried Fruit Compote
Tu Bishvat Salad
Turkish Pastry (Catal)
Turkish Spinach Pastry
Turkish Sugar Cookies
Vanilla Cake and Nuts
Vanilla Sponge with Buttercream & Raspberry Jam
Vanilla Wafer Cake
Venetian Haroset
Whole Grain Meal Honey Cake
Winter Fruit Salad
Yeast Dough Cookies
Zalabia (Egyptian fried dough)
Zalabia (Yemenite Fried Dough)
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