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Persian Recipes


Adas Polow (Lentil Rice)
Addasi (Lentil Stew)
Ahbgushteh Gondi Nochodi (Veal and Chickpees Dumplings)
Ahsheh Ahlbaloo - Persian Prune Soup
Ahsheh Anahr - Pomegranate Soup 1
Ahsheh Anahr - Pomegranate Soup 2
Ahsheh Gandom - Wheat Soup
Ahsheh Reshteh - Linguini Soup
Ahsheh Shalkham - Turnip Soup
Ahsheh Torshi - Persian Sour Soup
Albaloo Polo - Rice with Cherry and Chicken
Apples in Sugar (Apple Jam)
Bozbashy - Lamb Soup
Chelow - Crunchy Persian Rice
Chicken Patties
Chicken with Pearl Onion
Chicken with Turmeric
Gondi Berenjy - Meat and Rice Balls
Gondi by Dina - meat and rice balls
Gondi Nochodi - Chicken and Garbanzo Balls
Green rice
Halim - Chicken Soup
Iranian Stuffed Chicken with Fresh Green Herbs
Kebabeh Barghi - Barbequed meat
Khormeh Sabzi - Gravy for rice
Kuku Sabzi - Greens omlett
Kuku Sibzamini - potato kish
Lemon Soup
Mossahma Bademjoon - Eggplant meat stew
Persian Dolmeh Bademjan - Stuffed Eggplants
Persian Fesenjan - Pomegranate-Walnut Chicken
Persian Haveej Polow - Rice with carrots
Persian Keshmesh Polow - Rice with Raisins
Persian Meat Soup
Persian Pickles
Persian pita
Persian Vegetable Salad
Pollow (Persian Rice)
Potato Stew
Prunes Soup
Sabzi Choresht - Rice Gravy
Stuffed Onion
Tomato soup
Zucchini and onion dish
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