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Pie Recipes


Afghan Rice Pilaf
Afghani Chelow (Chicken Stew)
Ahbgushteh Gondi Nochodi (Veal and Chickpees Dumplings)
Alabama Sweet Potato Meringue Pie
Almond Challah
Appetizer Hamamtschen with Meat
Apple and Nut Tart
Apple Crumble with Golden Raisins
Apple Custard Pie
Apple Pie
Apple Pie2
Armenian Noodles & Rice
Artichoke and Green Bean Salad
Banana Cream Pie
Basic Dough for Cakes Bread and Cookies
Beef & Matzoh Pie
Beef and Mushroom Stew with Caraway Dumplings
Beef Gulash
Beet Meat Borscht
Beigli or Kindli Yeast-Dough Cookies
Black Forest Cheesecake
Bourekas de Berengena (Aubergine)
Bozbashy - Lamb Soup
Braised Chicken with Cloves & Cinnamon
Braised Lamb with Artichokes
Breaded Steak
Broccoli and Peppers
Bukhari Fish
Bukhari Non-Bread
Bukhari ravioli stuffed with onion
Butter Biscuits (Koulourakia Voutirou)
Cabbage Noodles
Challah Bread
Cherry Pie
Chicken Celery Stew
Chicken Divan
Chicken in Coffee Sauce
Chicken Kebob
Chicken Paprikash
Chicken Patties
Chicken Roast
Chicken Soup with Asparagus and Shitakes
Chicken stew with wine and raisins
Chicken with Pearl Onion
Chicken with Turmeric
Chicken-Vegetable Custard Pie
Chocolate Angel Pie
Chocolate Crumb Crust
Chocolate Raspberry Pie
Chocolate Whipped Cream
Cibatta bread
Classic Chicken Soup
Coconut Custard Pie
Cookies with Blackberries
Cranberry-Apple Chutney
Croustades - Crisp Toasted Bread Cups
Dairy Sweet Potato Dish
Dead Sea Babaganoush
Dill Bread
Double Biscuits with Apricot Jam
Easy Blender Challah
Egg Custard Pie
Egg-Lemon Soup
Fennel Bread Sticks
Feta Cheese Pie
Feta Party Appetizers
Feta Watermelon Salad
Fish - Iraqi Style
Fish in Potato Latke Crust
Fish with garlic sauce
Four Hundred-Year-Old Challah
Four-Cheese Herb Quiche
Fruited Chicken
Fruity Snack Bars
Fudge Roll
Gefilte Fish in Cabbage Leave
Gnocchi Di Ricotta
Goat Feta with Roasted Vegetables
Greek Butter Cookies - Kourabiethes
Greek Chicken
Greek Salad with Olives
Green peas soup
Green peas soup
Grilled Pizza
Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Halim - Chicken Soup
Hallah (Sweet Egg Bread for the Sabbath)
Hungarian Chocolate-Walnut Torte
Hungarian Coffee Cake
Hungarian Cookies
Hungarian Meatballs
Hunza Bread
Indian Curried Chicken
Indian Rice with vegetables
Israeli Fruit Soup
Israeli Salad
Italian Piedina
Jerusalem Noodle Kugel
Kahdeh (Cheese pockets)
Kalitsou (Cinnamon Pastries)
Kasha Varnishkes with Fried Eggplant and Mushroom
Keftehs de Prassa - Beef and Leek Patties
Kofta el haty (kabab)
Kolitch - Very Large Challah Twist
Koobana (Cooked dough)
Kourabithes Cookies
Kurdish Falafel
Lachmajoon (Pita with Beef and Vegetables)
Lamb and Potatoes
Lamb and Yellow rice with carrots and raisins
Lamb Kabobs
Lamb Rice & Herbs Soup
Lebanese Chicken & Rice
Lemon Sponge Pie
Lettuce and Egg Salad
Maamoul - Nut Filled Cookies
Makluba (Rice Meat and vegetable)
Marinated Fried Fish
Meat Soup with Matza
Meat, Matzah and Spinach Pie
Melitzano - Eggplant Salad
Menorah Upside-Down Cake
Mexican Spinach and Cheese Pie
Moroccan Couscous
Moroccan fish
Mushroom & Cashew Stuffing
Mushroom soup
Nut Horns - Half-Moon Butter Cookies
Orange Chicken
Pain Petri - Moroccan Hallah
Passover Chocolate Cake
Pasta Flora with Peach Jam
Pasteli Matza with Ground Meat
Pasteli with Chicken Liver
Pasteli with Lamb
Pastelli - Matza with Ground Meat
Pastilla (Chicken and Almond Pie)
Pastrami omlett
Pecan and Date Pie
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie with Bourbon
Pickled vegetables
Pineapple Cream Pie
Pistachio Nut Caramel
Pizza Star Bites
Poppyseed Roll
Potato Challah
Pumkin Pie
Quick Cheese Cake
Roast Chicken
Roasted Chicken Livers - Kaliserket Kodet Ksesa
Roasted Chicken Slivers
Roasted Pomegranate Chicken
Roasted Vegetables of Loutraki
Rodanchos - Pumpkin Strudel
Rosemary-Lemon Cornish Hens with Roasted Potatoes
Rosh Hashanah Challah
Round Hallah
Rugelach - Cream Cheese Cookies
Russian Meat & Vegetable Soup
Salmon Gefilte Fish Poached in Fennel
Samboosak (Meat Pies)
Sambusak - Sephardic Stuffed Pastries
Samoosa (Baked Meat Pies)
Sesame Seed Chicken
Shakshuka (Spicy egg dish)
Shirin Polow - Sweet Rice
Shortbread Biscuits (Kourambiedes)
Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Quiche
Smoked Salmon Salad
Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Olives & Garlic
Spicy chicken with vegetables
Spicy Southern-Fried Chicken
Spicy Tofu
Spinach Pie
Spring Compote
Sriracha Chicken Nuggets
Steaks Grilled with Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce
Stuffed Celery in Tomato Sauce
Stuffed Chicken with dry fruits 1
Stuffed Red Bell Peppers
Sufganiot 2
Sufganiot 3
Summer Spaghetti
Sweet Chocolate Pie
Sweet Potato Tart with Pecan Crust
Sweet Turkey and Pineapple Kebobs
Tezpishti - Passover Nut Cake
Thanksgiving Turkey Soup from Leftovers
Tomato Vegetable Soup
Traditional Greek Kebabs
Tu Bishvat Dried Fruit Compote
Tuna and Avocado Salad
Tuna Pie
Tuna with Penne Pasta
Turkey Pot Pie with Cornmeal Crust
Turkish Style Chicken
Twisted Challah
Veal and Peppers
Vegetable Carrot Kugel
Yemenite High Holiday Soup Stew
Yemenite Zhug
Yemiser wEt (Spicy Lentil Dish)
Yorgos Lamb Kebab
Zalabia (Egyptian fried dough)
Zucchini Pie (Crustless)
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