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* 8 medium tomatillos
* 1 green bell pepper, stem and seeds removed
* 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
* 3 tablespoons ELEA virgin olive oil
* 1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves, chopped (check well for infestation)
* Sea salt to taste
* 1 jalapeno pepper, roasted, peeled and diced (optional) or substitute Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce to taste
* 1 fillet of wild Alaskan salmon, pin bones removed, trimmed of fatty tissue but with skin left on (about 2 pounds)
* Freshly ground black pepper
* 1/2 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce
* 8 large sprigs of fresh cilantro for garnish


Preheat the grill or broiler to 450 degrees F.

Tomatillo Salsa Verde:

1. Remove the tomatillo husks.
2. Rinse and place in oven-proof dish or broiler pan without overlapping.
3. Lay green pepper skin side up on pan with the tomatillos.
4. Cook under a preheated 450 degree F broiler until blackened on the outside and tender on the inside, turning as necessary for even cooking for about 10-15 minutes.
5. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Peel away the excessively blackened skin.
6. Chop tomatillos and green pepper and transfer to medium bowl.
7. Add lime juice, olive oil and cilantro. Season with salt and jalapeno or Tabasco to taste.
8. Refrigerate.

To cook:

1. Lay salmon fillet on foil-lined cookie sheet.
2. Season with salt and black pepper.
3. Brush barbecue sauce over salmon.
4. Place on grill and close cover or broil in the oven about 4 inches from heat source.
5. Cook until desired doneness, about 15 minutes for medium.
6. Remove from heat.

To serve:

1. With a couple of large metal spatulas, lift the entire fillet to serving platter.
2. Spoon salsa around the salmon.
3. Garnish salmon with sprigs of cilantro.
4. Serve.

Source: Baruch


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