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Rice Recipes


Adas Polow (Lentil Rice)
Afghan Rice Pilaf
Afghan Stuffed Onions
Afghani Beef and Rice Casserole
Afghani Chelow (Chicken Stew)
African Chicken & Rice Casserole
Ahsheh Ahlbaloo - Persian Prune Soup
Ahsheh Anahr - Pomegranate Soup 1
Ahsheh Anahr - Pomegranate Soup 2
Ahsheh Shalkham - Turnip Soup
Ahsheh Torshi - Persian Sour Soup
Alabama Sweet Potato Meringue Pie
Albaloo Polo - Rice with Cherry and Chicken
Armenian Noodles & Rice
Banana Cream Pie
Broccoli Bajji
Chelow - Crunchy Persian Rice
Chicken and Rice Patties
Chicken in red Rice
Chicken with Pearl Onion
Chinese Fried Rice
Chorba soup
Choreshteh Sib (Chicken and Apple Stew)
Curried Walnut and Rice Salad
Egg-Lemon Soup
Egyptian rice
Fruited Chicken
Garlic Soup
Gondi Berenjy - Meat and Rice Balls
Gondi by Dina - meat and rice balls
Greek Chicken
Green rice
Herbed Wild Rice Rolls
Honey-Orange Chicken
Hungarian Beef and Rice
Indian Rice with vegetables
Ingrey (beef and eggplant stew)
Iranian Stuffed Chicken with Fresh Green Herbs
Iraqi Chicken Soup
Iraqi Meat Balls
Iraqi Okra and Tomato
Iraqi Stuffed Grape Leaves
Iraqi Sweet and Sour Beef Patties
Kebabeh Barghi - Barbequed meat
Khormeh Sabzi - Gravy for rice
Kofta bel roz (fried riced meatballs)
koshari rice
Kurdish Chicken & Rice Soup
Kurdish Chicken Caserol
Kurdish Kichri (Rice and red Lentils)
Kurdish Magadra (Lentil and Rice)
Kurdish meatballs
Kurdish Rice and Beans
Kurdish Rice and Beef
Kurdish Rice and Vegetables
Kurdish Rice Kubeh
Kurdish sour rice
Kurdish Stuffed Grape Leaves
Kurdish Stuffed Tomato
Kurdish Stuffed Vegetable Leaves
Kurdish Tabit
Lamb and Yellow rice with carrots and raisins
Lamb Rice & Herbs Soup
Lebanese Brown Rice Salad
Lebanese Chicken & Rice
Lebanese Majadra (Rice & Lentil)
Lebanese Rice
Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini
Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini with Appricots
Lemon Rice
Lemon Soup
Maharagwe (Spiced Beans In Coconut Milk) (Mali)
Makluba (Rice Meat and vegetable)
Meatball Avgolemono (Egg & Lemon Sauce)
Meatballs and Chick-Peas
Moroccan Hamin (Overnight stew)
Mossahma Bademjoon - Eggplant meat stew
Mujadderah-filled Roasted Red Peppers
Oshesabo (Overnight Bukhari Stew)
Oshpelo 1 (Bukhari Rice and Beef)
Peppers Stuffed with Mushrooms and Rice
Persian Dolmeh Bademjan - Stuffed Eggplants
Persian Haveej Polow - Rice with carrots
Persian Keshmesh Polow - Rice with Raisins
Poached Salmon with Creamy Piccata Sauce
Pollow (Persian Rice)
Prunes Soup
Rice & mung beans
Rice & Red beans
Rice and red lentil
Rice with beef and nuts
Rizogalo (Rice Pudding)
Roasted Chicken Slivers
Romanian Stuffed peppers
Sabzi Choresht - Rice Gravy
Salmon Fillet with Vegetables and Rice
Shirin Polow - Sweet Rice
Soutzoukakia - Meat Balls
Spanish Rice
Sriracha Chicken Nuggets
Stuffed Cabbage Leaves
Stuffed Onion
Stuffed Red Bell Peppers
Stuffed Zucchini
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Teff Injera (Crepe) Sourdough
Thanksgiving Turkey Soup from Leftovers
Tomato soup
Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice Raisins and Nuts
Turkish Style Chicken
Turkish Whole Rice
Vegetarian Ingrey
Zucchini Chicken and Rice Casserol
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