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4 cups of bread flour
4 egg yokes
4 tbsp vegetable oil (or 3OZ melted butter)
4 tbsp sugar
1 dry yeast
1 ½ cups warm water
½ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp salt
Sugar powder
1 bottle of vegetable oil for deep frying


Prepare the yeast starter - In a bowl mix the water 1 tsbp sugar and the yeast and let it sit until foam is created

In another bowl mix the flour, the salt, the rest of the sugar

After the yeast starter is ready, add the egg yokes and the vanilla extract and mix well

Add the yeast starter to the flour bowl and mix well until smooth dough is achieved

Cover with a towel and let rise for an hour until doubled in volume

On a floured surface, roll the dough to create a flat layer of about ½ inch

Use a cup with an opening of about 3 inched, press down to cut circles (collect the left over dough and roll it again and create circle as much as it goes)

Cover the circles and let rise again for 20 minutes

Pour the bottle of oil into a pot and let if heat up at 325 deg F

Using a spatula slide the circles one by one into the hot oil (do not drop in too many circles avoiding multi layer frying)

When golden turn the doughnut upside down and fry other side until golden

Remove the doughnuts and lay them on towel paper to absorb excess oil

Optional: pump in your favorite jam and sprinkle sugar powder on top and serve

Yields about



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